We create innovation

In the 10 years of working in the industry we have created around 50 new products. Even though we are a fairly small company and R&D is crucial to our everyday progress, our priorities lay in creating quality products that comply with the latest technologies.

Those are various products that originate from real needs. Our clients contact us because these products do not exist in the market.

At last, we can say we have created a product of our own. Shortly we will launch a series of sensors with multiple inputs and outputs. These sensors shall be programmable. You could compare this to an octopus’s tentacles that have brilliant coordination.
The advantage of this product is that it does not need any extra control. Though sensors could be connected to other control systems.

Our aim – robotics, internet of things.

We design electronics, automation

All our products are designed by us. We have earned a great deal of valuable knowledge and experience engineering in the electronic field of work.

With every new project we go an extra mile. For example we have got some particular knowledge in these areas:
• Designing high-quality RA>98 LED lighting components (DALI lightning control protocol.
• Designing a breathalyser alcohol tester, using artificial chemical detectors.

Overall we have done many other complicated innovative technology projects.

We produce electronics, automation

Manufacturing takes a special place in our company’s structure – it is the foundation of our company. As this was our founder’s hobby that later on realized to a business.
We design the products, produce them and also program. We can manufacture single unit products, smaller or larger amounts.
Small scale production allows us to see the end result much quicker and it helps us to correct any possible arising mistakes in the early stages. This helps defining tasks before ordering large quantities from third-party factories.
For example, we design and produce sensors:
• Vibration sensor, used to monitor the operating modes of the electric motor and to predict any possible malfunctions or to record the movements of mechanical assemblies
• Periodically repetitive magnetic motion sensor (watchdog) which can be used eg. to constantly monitor the operation of the conveyor belt
• Differential pressure measurement module that can be used to measure air filter permeability
• 4 channel analogue isolated measurement module used to read temperature or other high precision values


We trust that one day we will find the solution to global issues


Innovation gardening. Products that we create are alike plants in a garden.


Cooperation creates miracles
We work because of clients. We value to choose the clients
Employees help us to be in business
Shareholders risk for us to be in business