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Airplay wireless link

Powerlink wireless audio transmitter

800 666 Altegra automation

Wireless sound transmittes is designed to commute loudspeakers of Bang & Olufsen at frequancy 2.4Ghz where is no possibility to wire cables. The setup is compiled by one stereo transmitter…

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Inrush current limit PCB

AC SoftStart PCB

800 624 Altegra automation

AC soft starter board (SoftStart) board is for alleviating heavy loads and bumps that can appear from turning on receivers with large internal capacities. AC SoftStart PCB For example, when…

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1024 752 Altegra automation

LED UV CURING SYSTEM F-1295UV is an alternative against the mercury curing systems Normally for UV curing mercury lamps are used  with energy demand of up to 80-240 W/cm2. Service…

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800 554 Altegra automation

Fbox (Likebox) is a unique Facebook like numerator. Operational system – Linux Openwrite. SOC Atheros AR9331 Wifi and LAN access. Wireless router function. 4 different variations. Canadian cedar and plastic…

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