AC SoftStart PCB

Inrush current limit PCB
800 624 Altegra automation

AC soft starter board (SoftStart) board is for alleviating heavy loads and bumps that can appear from turning on receivers with large internal capacities.

AC SoftStart PCB

For example, when larger amounts of switching power supplies need to be switched on at the same time. The board’s input can be single-phased or three-phased. The loads must be at the same phase and are switched on when the voltage sine reaches zero, i.e. the Zero-Cross technique is used. This board solves the problem of switching multiple power supplies at the same time and due to a very high starting waves (Inrush Current) you are required to use a switch whose operating/protective current exceeds the power supply current by tens of times that results in the protective function of the switch becomes ineffective.

  • Total power supply comes up to 128A, (8 relays * 16 A max)
  • Load on hold after the switch-on 500-1000ms

The starter board can be customized to run with the help from Windows and Linux systems using an integrated “Serial port” (USB>virtual COM port).