• Developing electronic and automation product prototypes
  • Developing microprocessor systems
  • Developing customized electronics and automation projects

Electronic design services

  • Designing electronic schemes and PCB’s
  • Designing and modelling mechanical assemblies using 3D CAD software
  • Developing blueprints and preparing technical documentation
  • Composing BOM

Electronic production and programming services

  • Producing non-standard electronics and automation projects
  • Installing electronic components on PCB boards
  • Product testing and preparing them for certifications
  • Program writing for microcontrollers and microprocessors
  • C, C ++, Java, Javascript, Python, Lua, PHP, CSS, HTML languages
  • SOC ARM / MIPS Openwrt
  • Linux SOC and x86 platforms
  • AVR and ATSAM microcontrollers
  • Web applications in HTML, CSS, Java and JavaScript

Programming drivers Data transfer protocols CAN, CAN-FD, DALI, RS232/RS485, Websocket