UV LED curing system F-1295

365-400nm UV led džiovykla užtikrinanti iki 10w/cm2 arba 600mJ enerigiją, skirta srautinėms gamybos linijoms.


UV LED curing is a technology when the UV LED energy is absorbed and a polymerization reaction occurs that changes the liquid UV material into a solid.

This technology can exchange mercury lamps.

UV LED curing system

Working effective width 1295 mm (can be customized)
Wave length UV-A 395 nm (for special orders in 365-405nm range)
Effective output power at 10mm distance from glass surface. 8w/cm²
Selective during (moving parts detection) Yes
Total power consumption (Curing system and chiller) Average at 250mJ output energy: 2800-3200w
Max. 8500w
LED output power adjustment range 5-100%
Minimalus LED modulio tarnavimo laikas/td> 20 000 h.