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Electronic engineering company

We design, program and assemble electronic products (electronic manufacturing services EMS) according to the customer's requirements. We offer a wide range of product development options that range from the simplest consumer electronic devices to sophisticated controllers for industry, medicine, and energy.

While our company is mainly focused on the development of new products (R&D), we also provide electronics assembly services to our customers in small and medium quantities.

Altegra Ltd is located in Kaunas city, Lithuania, and carries out all processes inhouse (activity administration, planning, design, programming, production and inspection, quality control).

Electronic R&D is the key to success for innovation driven companies.

Show us what your company does and we will help you find the optimal solution for your business.


Company profile

- Programming of integrated OpenWrt, Yocto, Android and other Linux-based systems and applications
- Microcontroller ARM, AVR and microprocessor ARM, MIPS, x86 based design, programming and development
- Design of input and output interface circuits and their protections
- Professional LED lighting control
- Measurement of alcohol in exhaled air
- Data collection, processing, and storage AI DI FFT etc.


How we can help you

- We will assess the possibility of product development
- We will calculate the development and production costs
- We will create, manufacture and program the electronic parts of the product
- We will make the mechanical product design
- We will certify the product in the laboratories of our partners
- We will do full product testing before taking it to market
- We will prepare the product’s technical documentation
- We will CE mark your product

Our Experience


- Sensors with integrated PLC function
- Industrial and domestic process management and data collection
- Internet of Things (IoT), control solutions WiFi ZigBee, DALI, etc
- Raster and 3D image scanning and data processing, ToF cameras
- Up to 20kw 12w/cm2 LED UV curing systems for production lines
- Industrial product calibration and testing equipment
- Production inspection equipment

From the initial idea to the market ready product!