Electronics design services and production. Custom electronics development, R&D


We will create a product according to your requirements.
We help you to implement non-standard electronics and automation projects.
We will create an optimal logic controller to solve a narrow or wide profile task.
We design EMC compliant power supplies for your products.


Electronic product design services

  • Microprocessor system topology design based on ARM MIPS AVR platforms
  • FPGA design and programming
  • Power circuit management solutions
  • Wireless management solutions for WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, ZigBee, and others
  • Design of electronic circuits and PCBs
  • Electronics and automation prototyping design assembly and testing
  • Design and modeling of mechanical assemblies with 3D CAD programs
  • Urgent prototype or unit production service
  • Product certification in third country laboratories


Electronics production services, programming

  • Firs stage product testing and prepare for certification
  • We build firmware for microcontrollers, microprocessors, and FPGA / CPLD logic
  • Program in C, C ++, Java, Javascript, Python, Lua, PHP, CSS, HTML languages
  • We work with ARM / MIPS / Intel Hard ARM / x86 platforms in Openwrt, Linux and Android operating systems
  • Write drivers for all Linux kernel variants
  • System-level programming for Linux SOC and x86 platforms
  • Programming of AVR and ATSAM microcontrollers and SAM9 microprocessors
  • We program WWW applications in HTML, CSS, Java and JavaScript
  • HW and SW Data transmission protocols CAN, CAN-FD, DALI, RS232 / RS485, Ethernet, Websocket, MODBUS, USB, etc.


Product preparation for mass production and assembly

  • Preparation of drawings and technical documentation for product mass production
  • Compilation of BOM and product specification
  • Supply of electronic and mechanical components
  • CNC milling and laser cutting
  • Mounting of SMT and THT electronic components on PCBs
  • Testing
  • Housing
  • Screen printing
  • Packaging and delivery

We are flexible to the changing needs of the customer,

With the help of our accumulated experience, we will help ensure the progress of the project at each stage.