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    LT-51226 Kaunas, Lithuania
    Tel.: +370 613 36255 

    Electronic development services

    We will use our years of experience to create a product according to your requirements.
    We can help you to implement non-standard electronics and automation projects.
    We will create an optimal logic controller to solve a narrow or wide profile task.
    We will design EMC compliant power supplies for your products.

    Electronics production services; programming

    • First stage product testing and certification preperation
    • We build firmware for microcontrollers, microprocessors, and FPGA / CPLD logic
    • Programming in C, C ++, Java, Javascript, Python, Lua, PHP, CSS, HTML languages
    • We work with ARM / MIPS / Intel Hard ARM / x86 platforms in Openwrt, Linux and Android operating systems
    • Experience in writing drivers for all Linux kernel variants
    • System-level programming for Linux SOC and x86 platforms
    • Programming of AVR and ATSAM microcontrollers and SAM9 microprocessors
    • We program WWW applications in HTML, CSS, Java and JavaScript
    • HW and SW Data transmission protocols CAN, CAN-FD, DALI, RS232 / RS485, Ethernet, Websocket, MODBUS, USB, etc.

    Electronic product design services

    • Microprocessor system topology design based on ARM MIPS AVR platforms
    • FPGA design and programming
    • Power circuit management solutions
    • Wireless management solutions for WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, ZigBee, and others
    • Design of electronic circuits and PCBs
    • Electronics and automation prototyping design, assembly and testing
    • Design and modelling of mechanical assemblies with 3D CAD programs
    • Urgent prototype or unit production services
    • Product certification in third country laboratories

    Product preparation for mass production and assembly

    • Preparation of drawings and technical documentation for mass production of the product
    • Compilation of BOM and product specification
    • Supply of electronic and mechanical components
    • CNC milling and laser cutting
    • Mounting of SMT and THT electronic components on PCBs
    • Testing
    • Housing
    • Screen printing
    • Packaging and delivery

    We are flexible to the changing needs of the customer,

    With the help of our accumulated experience, we will make sure that the project follows our high-standards during each stage, to make sure that you are more than satisfied with the result..

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