Dimmer to control the light with your Bang & Olufsen Beo4 remote control.

The AC SoftStart board is designed to eliminate current spikes and shocks that occur when turning on AC power receivers with large internal capacitors, like power supplies.

Takt timer 4x7 WiFi


Designed to optimize serial process in real time.

The meter equipped with WiFi is designed to display the duration of the production cycle within set time limits. E.g. cycle per minute of the worker or the machine. Also the meter displays the sum of cycles within the period e.g production volume within the shift.


Very much useful for the shift master who has no time to follow analytics in the computer.

The audio switch is for Bang & Olufsen audio systems using the PowerLink audio system. The switch will help integrate almost any audio hardware into the B&O audio system.

UV LED curing system F-1295UV designed for curing varnish and paint in-stream production lines