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Electronics manufacturers

The basis of any electronics manufacturing service is design, manufacturing and testing.

Electronics manufacturer Altegra JSC designs, programs and manufactures electronic products according to the customer's requirements; develops devices from the simplest household appliances to sophisticated controllers for industry, medicine and energy industry; specializes in the design and development of new and unique electronic products; provides electronics assembly services for small and medium batches of products; it also manufactures unique testing equipment for other manufacturers providing electronics manufacturing (EMS) services, producing products in large batches.

The electronics manufacturing industry encompasses virtually all branches of modern human activity: governance (space and defense); consumers (smartphones, computers, etc.); industrial products (robotics and automation); electronic components (connectors, semiconductors, passive elements, etc.) and healthcare (medical devices).

Electronic equipment has become an indispensable part of the global industrial sector. As the complexity of these electronic devices continues to grow rapidly, electronics manufacturers are constantly facing new, increasingly complex challenges, and services are becoming increasingly important. The emergence of computer hardware and its subsequent progress and integration into core business since the 1990s has played a major role in promoting the use of electronics. Modern electronic devices have long surpassed the capabilities of their predecessors, becoming more cost-effective, accessible and diverse over the past few decades.

The market for electronics manufacturing services is very dynamic, with the ever-changing demand for electronic components and outsourced manufacturing services. Every electronics manufacturer needs to constantly monitor market trends and keep up with adaptation. Market research shows that in 2018-2024 year industry will grow at an overall annual growth rate of 7.5%. Electronics manufacturers play an important role here.

Demand for electronics continues to grow due to a number of different factors: the increasing use of electronic devices in everyday life, shorter product life cycles, and technological advances in various industries such as consumer, industrial, and automotive electronics.

The purpose of industrial electronic devices is to improve and make people’s work and lives easier. Industrial electronics today also includes a variety of control and monitoring systems. The products can be used, for example, for electricity generation and transmission, control of pumps and other motors, vehicles and property management systems.

In recent years, with the growing demand for new features and products, manufacturers are choosing more innovative and sophisticated technological solutions to simplify their production processes. For example, smart technologies are being applied across the industrial spectrum, opening up many new opportunities for electronics manufacturer.

According to market research, the main drivers of the growth of the electronics manufacturing services market are:

  1. Growing demand for automotive electronics. The increase can be attributed to the demand for safety systems.
  2. Growing demand for consumer electronics. Growing demand for consumer electronics will increase the trend of outsourcing.
  3. Prevalence of (IoT) Internet of Things, both in the private and industrial sectors.
  4. Prevalence of mobile devices.

Competition from the globalization of the electronic components supply chain is putting increasing pressure on electronics manufacturers. In this highly competitive market, companies need to take every opportunity to become more flexible and efficient to keep up the pace. Electronics manufacturing organizations need to rationalize, control costs, and operate efficiently to meet growing demand and competition. The growing demand for consumer electronics and innovative technological advances allow manufacturers to take advantage of current opportunities.

MMI distinguishes the 10 largest EMS electronics manufacturers in the world:

  1. HonHai Precision (Foxconn) is currently the largest electronics manufacturer providing EMS service.
  2. Pegatron
  3. Jabil Circuit
  4. Flex
  5. Wistron
  6. Sanmina
  7. New Kinpo Group
  8. BYD Electronics
  9. Celestica
  10. USI

In Lithuania, electronics manufacturers are not rated, but several of them can be mentioned: Selteka, Kitron, Littelfuse LT, Teltonika, Hella, Altegra electronics.